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AMCMotorcycle-UK Parts and Accessories Online Shopping: How It Evolves

Hello everybody! My name is Nip McGari and I am one of the owners of AMC Motorcycle Accessories Online Shopping. My partners and I have conceptualized this shopping site as we both have common interest. Of course, it’s online shopping store and a one-stop shop.

I travelled around United States and other countries in Europe just to explore the different motorcycle shops and stores.  In Manchester and London, I found out that motorcycling is very popular and if I’m not mistaken, the whole country of England aside from using it for transport, make it as pastime in which one of the sports they like is motor racing using motorcycles and scooters. Motor racing is already a hit to some countries that riders love to upgrade their “rides” with latest styles and accessories. That is why our online shop is very much ready to answer the needs of the motorcycle and scooter lovers.


AMC Group of Bikers
The British Bikers at ACE Cafe London

As I conducted a thorough research and review about motorcycle users particularly here in UK and with the latest statistics that I gathered, most of the motorcycle-related accidents are due to reckless driving and most especially lack of protective gears and safety equipment.

Traffic Accident at Yorkshire Humber England area.According to The Police Foundation, in Great Britain in 2016, over 19,297 motorcyclists were injured in reported road accidents. From this, 319 bikers were killed and 5,553 were seriously injured. Until today, thousands of motorcycle riders are prone to accidents because of reckless driving and not using safety and protective gears.

With this, my partners and I decided to come up with an online shopping that mostly deals on motorcycle parts and accessories. It is important that motorcyclists and motor riders should have all the necessary equipment for motor riding to avoid accidents.  Based on our survey, many preferred to have the parts and accessories they need within their reach only and can be made available anytime without going out or going to the shop to buy what they need.  ONLINE Store is the answer for a busy person who cannot even go out for a coffee because of busy schedule. This online shop is for easy access and shopping of motorcycle protective gears and stuff. You can choose and buy what you need in just a matter of minutes.

I remember my two friends, Bryan Masterman and Aneclitov Alkunouve, who live in London and Manchester, respectively. These two guys love riding their “big bikes” and have so much fun exploring different places with their motorcycles which they considered their favorite pastime. These guys are working as IT specialists and valued internet enthusiast individual. The idea just popped up that resulted in the conception of this online shop. My two friends became my partners.

AMC Banner 4 BMW 3RidersOne morning of August 2019, I started contacting these guys, and we chatted over Facebook and agreed that we will meet at a coffee shop in London to discuss our plans of putting up business in online or cloud store. Everyone in our group was assigned with tasks, drafted necessary documents and look and secure enough funding for our venture on this Online Business

And now and I guess, we are on the right track of putting an ‘online business’ about motorcycle safety protective gears, clothing, parts and accessories.

So, to all motorcyclists or motorbike enthusiasts who love racing and riding motorcycles, we answer your needs right at your doorstep; hassle-free and very convenient on your part.

This is our story. We want to inspire you and support our online shop by visiting our website. If you want to know the hottest and fashionable accessories and parts of motorcycle and be a part of our online business, feel free to visit us.  Shop ‘til you drop… you can shop and cherry-pick our motorcycle products and it’s just a click away.

We have more than 1,000+ items to choose from and our collection are exquisitely identified based on these criteria;

The AMC Motorcycle webstore had address the following needs by categories, such as;

   1. Motorcycle Helmets
   2. Motorcycle Clothing
   3. Motorcycle Boots
   4. Motorcycle Gloves
   5. Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

We are hoping and dreaming that we can manage and serve the needs and demands of motorcycle hobbyists and motorcyclists in UK, Europe, Canada, United States, South America, and in Asian Countries.



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