Motorcycle Helmet & Visor

Keeping Shine Your Helmet and Visor

Motorcycle Helmet & Visor 1Anyone who has spent considerable amount of time on the road probably knows the benefits of a motorcycle helmet visor. Riders also know the importance of keeping this accessory clean and fog-proof. Following are some ideas for keeping your motorcycle helmet visor in tip-top condition no matter what the weather brings.

Just about everyone has experienced times when the windshield on their vehicle becomes foggy. This usually occurs when hot air meets cold air. The same thing happens when you are behind a motorcycle helmet visor. The visor can become fogged up if you take a breath when it is cold. The warm air coming out of your mouth fogs up the chilled motorcycle helmet visor.

There are products that can be bought in stores or online. Common products that are used to keep motorcycle helmet visors fog-free include RainX, Anti-Fog and Never Fog. There are many other similar products available as well. These work pretty well but you do have to make sure to keep up with the applications.

In order to make sure that you motorcycle helmet visor remains clear no matter what kind of weather you face. I use my anti-fogging product on my glasses as well. The stuff works wonders and I can always see my way. These little details are quite important when you are on the road but they can also be important if you are putting on a cold pair of glasses too.

Fog isn’t the only element that can stand in your vision’s way. You also want to keep your motorcycle helmet visor free of dirt and dust. This may seem like a huge task but you might find that it is easier than it appears. It isn’t likely that you will do a good cleaning after each and every ride but you can keep things clear if you do get into the habit of cleaning your visor.

Just about any window cleaner will do but some swear that using rubbing alcohol is the best approach. Others suggest gin for the occasional cleaning. I have used both and I have to admit that gin does an amazing job at cleaning a motorcycle helmet visor. This can be an expensive approach if you use it on a regular basis.

I find that rubbing alcohol does a fantastic job and it is dirt cheap. I will occasionally use a splash of gin to shine things up, usually followed by a coat of an anti-fog product. No matter what the weather you will still be able to see as far as possible if you take care of your motorcycle helmet visor.


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