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Other Alternative Protective Clothing and Textile

Other Clothing - TextileAn alternative to leather is clothing constructed of man-made textiles. These can offer improved weather protection from heat, cold, and water, and the increased utility these garments tend to provide in terms of pockets and vents. Common materials include high density (600–1000 Denier) ballistic nylon (e.g., Cordura) and Kevlar, or blends of Kevlar, Cordura, and Lycra; and often include waterproof liners made from materials such as Gore-Tex. In both CE marked (meets European Standards) and non-protective garments, localised protection may be provided by armour and airbag systems. 

Not all textile clothing is made from synthetic materials. Heavy weight waxed cotton was used for many years before the development of modern materials. There is a wide range of textile protective garments available however it is the hardest area to find a garment compliant with the European Standard EN 13595-1.

Motorcycle Clothing & TextileAll other motorcycle protective gears are not only look cool, but;

  1. They’ll save your skin (literally) in an accident.
  2. It make sure your arms and legs are covered on every ride, and long sleeves gears are the way to go.
  3. It will add reflective tape and bright colours to stand out to motorists.
  4. To Dress in layers to adapt to changing weather.
  5. Whatever you use, make sure it’s comfortable so it doesn’t distract from the ride.

If you are a motor riders, bikers or motorcyclists... you should wear a right and proper protective motorcycle gear and clothing, aside from nicer and elegant to look, you would have a great gear for safety, stylist & fashionable ride and to have more fun.

So now, given the choices you may have, it is up to you to select the best other motorcycle safety gears you want…

Other Clothing & TextileHere from our site, we want to inspire and encourage you to shop our online store to buy and wear motorcycle protective gears and other clothing, for your entire body safety and to avoid the vulnerabilities and risks during motorcycling and racing crashes or road accidents. We have a vast variety and hottest product types of motorcycle protective gears and other clothing that fits for men, women and kids which you can choose any colour and sizes you want. And it’s just a click of a mouse to cherry-pick and select our hottest and latest products. Shop now and have confidence with our online store!.

You can cherry-pick and select the varieties of our Motorcycle Protective Gears;

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