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Sportbike/Streetbike Boots


Motor Riding at City Streets and Road Highways

Rider Wearing Touring / Sportbike BootsSimilar to racing boots, touring boots, sportbike boots or streetbike boots are designed specifically for riding a motorcycle on hard pavement, but with less armoured protection than racing boots since they are intended for riders that typically ride on city streets and highways, not race tracks. They are usually between 10 and 14 inches in height and made from a combination of leather, metal, hard rubber, plastic and/or man-made fabrics to create a form-fitting, but comfortable boot.Typical protection areas are reinforced to protect the shin, instep, ankle (medial and lateral) heel and toes. Often a high-wear pad of metal or composite is attached to the lateral side (outside) of the toe, as this area can contact the ground during extreme cornering. The optimum racing boot has the necessary protection for impact and abrasion while maintaining excellent single-axis flexibility at the ankle between the boot lower and the shaft; for shifting and braking.

Styles vary between "inside" and "outside" Boots meaning that some styles are meant to be worn over the bottom leg of the leather race suit, and some are designed to be worn inside the leg, these having a thinner top shaft.

If you are a motor riders, bikers or motorcyclists... you should wear a right and proper protective motorcycle gear and clothing, aside from nicer and elegant to look, you would have a great gear for safety, stylist & fashionable ride and to have more fun.

It’s of great importance that you determine what type of motorcycle rider you are, Now, given the choices you may have, it is up to you to select the best other motorcycle safety gears you want…

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